New Dissidia Final Fantasy: 20150410 conference summary

Square Enix held a conference today to reveal more information about the new Dissidia game. The game is being developed in collaboration with Koei Tecmo/Team Ninja (Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden) using PlayStation 4 technology.

It will be exclusive to arcades for at least one year before being ported to other platforms.

The game will feature new characters, music and summoned beasts among other things. The roster will contain around 50 characters!

Lightning summoning Ifrit, stages Cocoon and Midgar have been shown and announced at the conference, respectively. Additionally, Ramza of Final Fantasy Tactics was announced in the closed segment of the conference:


Location tests begin on April 17th in Japan on these arcades:


Battle screenshot has been published along with an explanation of all interface elements:


  1. Timer
  2. Action log
  3. Teammate stats/status
  4. Player stats/status
  5. Health points
  6. Lock-on target
  7. Break Bonus
  8. Mini-map
  9. Enemy team stats/status
  10. Chat icons

Check the official site for an abundance of new media and information: /

Finally, there’s also a new trailer featuring some new stuff:

All aboard the hype train!